Размер колес Ниссан скайлайн v35

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Alois Xanavi

Another difficult task for the company need to change the standard equipment Nissan Skyline 35 2001-2005 year for equipment, from Infiniti 2014 with full customization of all systems. The work was carried out in several stages:1 dismantling the regular monitor and install the old building of the new colour touch screen from Infiniti. The main problem is that the monitor lifting and with great difficulty we managed to place new equipment. 2 installing a new navigation unit from Nissan Xtrail 2010-2014 years instead of the standard changer. We get to cut the original native frame size, modify the mounting block. 3 cost of climate had to perepaevale and change under a new task4 was peremenovali under new head unit control buttons on the steering wheel, the system round view camera, factory system for displaying information on the car5 connected digital TV tuner 20 channels broadcasting the perfect qualityOn the output of the car was Russified on-Board computer with the following features:- speakerphone in Russiannavigation maps 2015 with trafficradio frequency under the Euromass readings and astrorock factory system- view the DVD in motionUsb, Aux-Video.- TV tuner c the media player is allowed to play any audio and video files.- around view monitor system. Ready to repeat the same thing on any other NIssan Skyline 2001-2005 years of release.

09.07.2016 - 09:07

во сколько все обошлось?

17.06.2016 - 06:16
Дмитрий Дрокин

Как с вами связаться? Хочу себе в Скай такую систему установить

29.05.2016 - 13:24
Даниил Романов

Сколько это чудо стоит

08.05.2016 - 04:37